Community Rules

The framework in which we police the community for bad behavior.

Canada Speak Freely is a free speech network for Canadians to freely express themselves without government or big tech interference. It's our goal to provide the highest quality conversation on the Internet, so all ideas are expressed and debated, where only the best survive and the bad ones crash and burn.

With this freedom, we implement some lightweight common-sense rules to ensure the community is warm, vibrant, and respectful, so it continues to grow in a positive direction. 

Light Weight Rules

  1. Treat this group as if you were posting and talking to co-workers and customers at the office. 
  2. Be respectful and kind to everyone as you'd like to be treated in return.
  3. Agree to disagree and explain why to help the other person understand your position. 
  4. Post what you know to be verified and trustworthy. Avoid Q and Romano Didulo posts, which are unverified hearsay, constantly wrong. We will delete them with a warning strike issued.
  5. No thread wars, take that crap into the DMs.
  6. Report any infractions to the administrator.

Also, please scroll back through the day's posts to make sure you're not double posting something that has been previously posted.

Everyone is human and makes mistakes. We run on a three-strikes system with three warnings given before posting privileges are removed.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules, and welcome to our growing community!


Kind Regards,

John Wick