Freedom Convoy 2022

Schedule & Route information for the Canadian Freedom Trucker Convoy 2022
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All the trucks have reached Ottawa. Please tune in to watch the live streams.

Canada's Trucker Freedom Convoy has exposed Justin Trudeau as a full-fledged communist violating multiple laws. Currently, illegal police action is taking place in Ottawa to arrest the peaceful protestors in full military tactile gear.

Update: Jason Kenny, the premiere of Alberta, dishes out Chinese communist incarceration against Pastor Arthur, violating multiple human rights. He has just made bail after 51 days in multiple jails around Alberta. His story is a must listen to learn of the insane human rights violations taking place in Canada.

For over 28 days, Justin Trudeau has refused to negotiate with the Trucker Convoy and illegally used the actions of dictators against the most peaceful group of people on the planet that want their freedom back and to be left alone. He has disqualified himself and destroyed the confidence in government, mimicking the tactics Hitler used in Germany to build up to World War 2.

Justin Trudeau must be removed from office immediately before the whole country goes down into the worst kind of tyranny imaginable.

Here is a legal breakdown of how Justin Trudeau is breaking all kinds of laws.

David Anber, an Ottawa criminal lawyer gives a legal opinion on Trudeau's illegal national emergency declaration.