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Breaking Technocrats Censorship

Important information is being controlled, shaped, and censored by Big Tech, Mainstream News, and the Government, leading to a misinformed public. The result is widespread confusion, fear, and chaos destroying society, directing it towards a technocracy, where freedom and privacy die.

We are taking our Charter Right of Free Speech back by creating an online group where all ideas can be discussed, challenged, and rise to the top without the fear of censorship. Hopefully, through this unfiltered environment, meaningful sharing of information and discussion will lead to actionable items that will connect individuals to change society for the better.

Currently, we are using Telegram, a Russian-owned technology whose owner is very pro-free speech, that refuses the Russian Government's demands for the encryption keys to read users' conversations.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Canada Speak Freely is to fight off the attacks on the right to free speech by the government by becoming a trusted hub in connecting as many Canadians as possible using technologies that believe in the human right of free speech, maintaining the vital free flow of information and ideas to prevent freedom from slipping away ruining millions of lives.
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To get started, join the groups and channels that are relevant to you. Channels are read-only where all posts are curated from select trusted sources or made manually by an administrator. These posts are auto-posted into the corresponding discussion group. Groups are a public chatroom where users are able to post their own content, along with the content that is posted in the corresponding channel and discussed freely. We recommend that you join both the national and your provincial channel and group.

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Network for Business and Professionals

For a more refined and quality networking experience, we are utilizing the Geneva platform for businesses and professionals to network.

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Important events to be aware of that can affect Canada.
29 Jan

Freedom Convoy 2022

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, ON 12:00 PM Schedule & Route Info